Best Windows Shortcuts and Tips

I use keyboard shortcuts whenever possible, so I’m going to keep my favourite ones here for reference.


  • WIN + E = Opens Explorer window – details view is my fave.
  • CTRL + [ ‘+’ key on number pad] = Auto expands Explorer window columns to fit contents.
  • WIN + L = Locks computer.
  • WIN + D = Shows desktop. Another press maximises windows as they were previously.
  • WIN + R = Shows Run command box.
  • WIN + P = Shows options for multiple screens and projector.
  • WIN + X = Shows Windows Mobility Center.

Window Movement

  • Win + [Left Arrow] = Snaps window to left half of screen.
  • Win + [Right Arrow] = Snaps window to right half of screen.
  • Win + [Up Arrow] = Maximises window to full screen.
  • Win + Shift + [Left Arrow] = Moves window to the monitor on the left.
  • Win + Shift + [Right Arrow] = Moves window to the monitor on the right.


Jump into the commandline from a deep path in Explorer
Type ‘cmd’ into the address bar, or shift + right-click the folder and choose ‘open command window here’.

Make pinned Explorer shortcut open My Computer instead of Libraries


  1. Right-click the pinned Windows Explorer icon on your taskbar:
  2. Right-click the Windows Explorer again in the list, then select Properties:
  3. Change target to %windir%\explorer.exe Shell:MyComputerFolder