Cisco Command Line Shortcuts

I’m a sucker for shortcuts, so I try and use them whenever I can to increase my productivity.

I’ll add to this list as and when I find useful Cisco command line shortcuts.

  • Move cursor to start of line:
    CTRL + A
  • Move cursor to end of line:
    CTRL + E
  • Erase current line:
    CTRL + U
  • Erase a word:
    CTRL + W
  • Run command and exit config mode:
    CTRL + Z
  • Just exit config mode:
    CTRL + C
  • Break:
    CTRL + SHIFT + 6
  • Suspend telnet/ssh session:
    CTRL + SHIFT + 6, x


  1. Very good information and facts! I have been looking for some thing like that for a time now. Thanks!

  2. Adam Rush says

    Glad you found it useful Harlan. I’ll update this page over time.

  3. Remarkable information and facts! I have been trying to find something like this for a time now. Appreciation!