Commands to troubleshoot connectivity through a Cisco ASA

Packet Tracer

packet-tracer input      
packet-tracer input external tcp 1010 80

VPN Example

packet-tracer input internal udp 500 500
packet-tracer input internal udp 500 500

Packet Capture

capture *NAME_OF_CAPTURE* interface *INTERFACE_NAME* match *TRANSPORT_PROTOCOL (TCP / UDP / IP)* host X.X.X.X (This is the source IP address) host Y.Y.Y.Y (This is the destination IP address) eq *PORT_NUMBER*
capture cap1 interface external match tcp host host eq 80

Capture all syslog traffic to

capture cap2 interface internal real-time match udp any host eq 514

View capture

show capture cap1

Show access-list

show access-list acl_external

Find access-list entries including port 514

show access-list | inc 514

Find log entries including port 514

show logging | inc 514

Show arp for specific interface

show arp | inc internal