mRemoteNG Connections Disappear / Lost All Connections


You use the excellent mRemoteNG software; possibly the best Remote Connections Manager in the world…and FREE!

Unfortunately, sometimes there’s a bug which resets / deletes / clears your connection file each time you close mRemoteNG, so the next time you open it, all your connections have disappeared. The only thing not lost is the root folder with a name like mR|Export (20121211 20:07:53).


Open up the connection file (eg. confCons.xml) and change the value for Export from True to False:

A simple fix, but this one stumped me for a while.

Hopefully this will help others with the same issue.

Another little tip

If you want to open a specific connection file, you can create a shortcut and use the /cons: commandline switch.

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RAID Controller Software for the Dell PERC 6/i RAID Card


You have purchased a Dell PERC 6/i RAID Card separately, and are using it in a non-Dell server, so you cannot use the Dell Management software to manage the card.


The Dell PERC 6/i RAID Card is just a rebadged LSI MegaRAID card, so download and install the latest version of LSI’s MegaRAID Storage Manager software – currently on version

For other software – like VIBs for VMware ESXi, look under the Support & Downloads section here:

Once installed, you can set up Alerts from the Tools > Monitor Configure Alerts menu:

Malware Hunting with the Sysinternals Tools

I’ve just finished watching the best instructional video to date on Malware Hunting with the Sysinternals Tools, part of the latest TechEd 2012 sessions. There is also a similar PDF available for many of these tips.

The Sysinternals Suite has been my one of my favourite toolkits for many years, and although I already use most of the techniques shown in the video above, there were a few new features for me to get stuck into. Highly recommended.

Other TechEd sessions I’ve enjoyed watching include videos from the following speakers:


Deploying UltraVNC within an Active Directory environment using Group Policy


You’ve tried several different VNC applications and have decided UltraVNC meets your humble Remote Support needs. Now you want to centrally deploy and manage UltraVNC in your domain.

The default installer creates unwanted shortcuts on the user’s desktop, so you need to modify this before rolling out to all client PCs. In addition to this, there are separate installers for 32-bit and 64-bit PCs, so this will have to be accounted for.

Here is how to achieve remote desktop nirvana using UltraVNC:

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How to remove stubborn Printer Drivers

I posted a How to Remove Printers guide on the excellent Spiceworks Community some time ago, but the link to the Printer Deleter has already changed a few times.

In the event that the link breaks again, you can download the Printer Deleter here instead.

If that doesn’t work, the final option is to reset the print spooler to factory defaults. You can do this by running Reset Print Spooler – MicrosoftFixit50126. Here’s some info on using it:

This Fix it Solution automates resetting the Print Spooler on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

The Fix it has two modes: Light and Full.  The light mode will make changes to the spooler that should not require the end user to make any changes.  The full mode will restore the print spooler to defaults and require a reinstall of printers.