Notepad++ Text Editor Tips

I recently read some great tips for my favourite text editor, Notepad++:

There really isn’t much Notepad++ can’t do, and just when you think you’ve found one, there’s probably a plugin for it.

One example of this is JumpLists. I use them as much as possible, as I find it helps me work faster. With this in mind, I was always disappointed that Notepad++ didn’t have this feature built-in, so it was a pleasant surprise to find a plugin for this last week.

To install the plugin, open Notepad++ and navigate to Plugins > Plugin Manager > Show Plugin Manager.
You then simply select NppJumpList and click Install:

After installing the plugin, you will be able to use JumpLists with Notepad++:

The Road to Happiness in Your Work Lies in the Hooray! Zone

Everyone loves a Venn diagram, so I was even happier when I realised I’ve almost got my career in the “hooray zone”:

Men can’t multitask right?


This is a common sight on my desk, and although small, I always say you can never have enough screens. Actually, I’m getting a bigger desk soon – time for another monitor 😉

The iPad really comes in handy as an extra screen for reference material, whilst working between my PC and multiple servers via RDP and the excellent Remote Desktop Connection Manager.

How to quickly re-install applications after system failure

The Problem

You’ve carefully been running full backups of your computer for ages, using the built-in Windows Backup tool in Win7.

An unrecoverable crash occurs, but you’re not scared as you have multiple backups with multiple restore points; if anything, you’re spoilt for choice with restore options…or are you?!

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