Installing Microsoft System Center Essentials (SCE) 2010


You’ve outgrown your current software update and management system for your IT Infrastructure, and would like something better. Microsoft System Center Essentials (SCE) 2010 can handle up to 50 servers, 500 clients and 100 network devices; a perfect fit!

Find out how to install SCE below.


  1. Insert DVD/mount ISO and run the setup.
  2. Click the Before you begin link and read the useful help files, then click Install, making sure you choose to download the latest updates:
  3. If you are already using WSUS, you will get the following screen. Select Yes… to upgrade WSUS:
  4. Enter your Product Key:
  5. Accept the license agreement…you did read it all didn’t you?!
  6. Select the components you require:
  7. If there isn’t a local instance of SQL Server 2008 on the server, you will get this message:
  8. As I have a remote SQL server, I am warned I will need to install the Essentials Reporting component there, instead of locally (see here for remote SQL DB Reporting installation:
  9. Select your database server:
  10. Select the program files path:
  11. Provide account details with admin rights for all managed computers:
  12. Spend 0.001 seconds contemplating if it’s worth sending the occasional 4KB file to Microsoft, then select No like you always do 😉
  13. Review settings and click Install:
  14. Note: During installation, it seemed to stall. I was running the excellent Spiceworks which obviously affected things. Once I stopped the Spiceworks service, the installation resumed fine.
  15. Once completed you should see this screen:
  16. If you are using a remote SQL Server like me, then follow these instructions to install SCE Reporting on the SQL Server: