Installing SQL Server 2008 R2


You need to install SQL Server 2008 R2. That is all. 😐

Follow the steps below to spawn a fresh SQL-child of your own.


  1. Run the DVD/ISO image.
  2. Launch the System Configuration Checker first:
  3. All being well, you will get no failures:
  4. Select New installation…:
  5. Several further checks will be done. Click OK to continue.
  6. Enter your product key and click Next:
  7. Accept the license terms, click Next:
  8. Click Install:
  9. Click Next once even more checks have passed:
  10. Select the feature installation option, click Next:
  11. Choose which features you’d like to install, and the path for program files. Click Next:
  12. Yes, more checks. Click Next:
  13. Choose your instance name and path. Click Next:
  14. Review usage summary and click Next:
  15. Specify your service accounts, click Next:

    Advice on Service Accounts and Permissions can be found here:
  16. Specify the SQL admins, click Next:
  17. Click Next to accept the native mode default config for Reporting Services:
  18. Click Next at the Error Reporting screen:
  19. “Hey, we haven’t seen a checks screen for a while, I’m bored”…here ya go then:
  20. Check the summary screen, then click Install:
  21. Grab a cuppa. This can take a while!
  22. And we’re done. Click Close: