Deploying Adobe Reader using System Center Essentials (SCE) 2010


You’ve installed, configured, and deployed software using System Center Essentials. Now you want to deploy Adobe Reader and fully customise it prior to deployment.


  1. Download Adobe Customization Wizard X.
  2. Download the latest version of Adobe Reader, also check for major versions here:
  3. Extract the installation files from the .exe file using this command:
    C:\>AdbeRdr1013_en_US.exe -nos_o”c:\adobereaderx” -nos_ne
  4. Open AcroRead.msi from the Adobe Customisation Wizard X application.
  5. Configure Adobe Reader to your liking.
  6. Select Transform > Generate Transform… to create a transform file, saving it with the other files.
  7. Copy all files to your network share for deployment eg \\Server\Deploy\Adobe Reader
  8. Open the System Center Essentials console and create a new package, but this time select Deploy a package from a setup file requiring additional folders:
  9. Enter a Package Description and click Next:
  10. Enter TRANSFORMS=”\\server\share\transform.mst” into the Installation properties field, then click Next:
  11. Review your settings, then click Create:
  12. Once the package has been created, click Finish:
  13. Test and deploy the package as normal.

Full credit to the original post I got this from: