Using File-level restore mount in Veeam B&R 6.1

One of new features in Veeam Backup & Replication 6.1 is “File-level restore mount”:

When performed by the user interactively (using the backup console UI),
the Windows file-level restore process now mounts the volumes of the backed-up VM under C:\VeeamFLR.
This functionality is useful if you prefer to perform file-level recovery with native tools instead of Veeam
Backup Browser.

See this in action below.

  1. Open the Veeam B&R console > select Restore from the top toolbar > select Guest files (Windows), click Next:
  2. Select the required VM, click Next:
  3. Select a restore point, click Next:
  4. Enter a reason for the restore, then click Next:
  5.  Click Finish:
  6.  The regular Backup Browser window is displayed:
  7. However, now you can also navigate to C:\VeeamFLR on the Veeam B&R Server and you will find your VM mounted. You can easily drag-n-drop folders and files to any network location from here: