Find Upgradeable vShield Edges

I was recently asked if there was a quick way to find out how many vShield Edges were out-of-date and could be upgraded in a vCloud Director environment. I didn’t know of any, so I turned to my good friend PowerCLI and came up with this:

This script does assume that at least one of the vShield Edges in your environment is up-to-date, as it looks for the highest available version deployed and not the known latest version.

VMware Training Resources

I regularly get asked where good VMware training resources are found for various VMware products, so I thought I’d better create a page I can add links to as find them.

vCloud Director

Since I’ve had a focus on vCloud Director for the past few years, these links are fresh in my mind:

  1. VMware has recently updated their Fundamentals course, so this is probably the best place to start: VMware vCloud Director Fundamentals 2016

vCloud Networking

  1. Networking is often a tricky area for new users of vCloud Director, so here is a the best presentation I’ve found so far that explains how the different networking components fit together:

vCloud Design

  1. vCloud Director Design and Scale:

I’ve just found this page which includes most of the above links and more:

I’m a big fan of Pluralsight and can highly recommend these courses:



vSphere 6

Check out the latest Training and Certification resources here:

VMware Various

Here’s the Top Free course from VMware Learning: