mRemoteNG Connections Disappear / Lost All Connections


You use the excellent mRemoteNG software; possibly the best Remote Connections Manager in the world…and FREE!

Unfortunately, sometimes there’s a bug which resets / deletes / clears your connection file each time you close mRemoteNG, so the next time you open it, all your connections have disappeared. The only thing not lost is the root folder with a name like mR|Export (20121211 20:07:53).


Open up the connection file (eg. confCons.xml) and change the value for Export from True to False:

A simple fix, but this one stumped me for a while.

Hopefully this will help others with the same issue.

Another little tip

If you want to open a specific connection file, you can create a shortcut and use the /cons: commandline switch.

For example, if you have a connection file called mremote.xml in the root of C: use this as the target:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\mRemoteNG\mRemoteNG.exe” /cons:C:\mremote.xml


  1. export=false worked

    thanks a lot

  2. Thanks a lot !

  3. I was this close to leave this tool
    MremoteNG rocks 🙂
    10x a lot