SNMP Enterprise Specific Trap (.18013)

NT Event ID: 1292 (Hex)0x4435050C (cpqnimsg.dll)
Log Severity: Information (1)
Log Message: Redundancy has been increased by the NIC in slot %1, port %2. Number of functional NICs in the team: %3.
SNMP Trap: cpqNic3RedundancyIncreased – 18013 in CPQNIC.MIB
Symptom: This trap is sent any time a previously failed physical adapter in a connected logical adapter group returns to the OK condition. This trap is not sent when a logical adapter group has connectivity restored from a Failed condition. The cpqNicConnectivityRestored trap is sent instead. This can be caused by replacing of a faulty cable or connecting a cable that was disconnected.
User Action: None required.

Supporting SNMP Trap Data:
• sysName
• cpqHoTrapFlags
• cpqNicIfPhysAdapterSlot
• cpqNicIfPhysAdapterPort
• cpqSiServerSystemId
• cpqNicIfPhysAdapterStatus
• cpqSePciSlotBoardName
• cpqNicIfPhysAdapterPartNumber
• ipAdEntAddr
• cpqNicIfLogMapIPV6Address
• cpqNicIfLogMapAdapterOKCount
Supporting SNMP Trap Description: “Redundancy increased by adapter in slot [cpqNicIfPhysAdapterSlot], port [cpqNicIfPhysAdapterPort].”