Scheduled Reboot Command

To schedule a reboot, create a batch script with the following command:

:: Reboots the computer in 5 mins
shutdown -r -t 300 -c "A scheduled reboot will occur in 5 mins. Open command prompt and type 'shutdown /a' to abort." -f -d P:0:0

This will alert any logged on users that the computer will reboot in 5 mins, and can be aborted by running shutdown /a.

Lastly, create a scheduled task to run the batch script at the required time.


Event ID 1074 will occur in the System log when the command is run:

Event IDs 6009, 6005 and 6013 will also appear in the System log, with a Source of EventLog.

The precise stop and start time can be found in Event IDs 13 and 12, in the System log, with a Source of Kernel-General.

Related Events

If a Windows Update requires a reboot, you may get Event ID 22 with a Source of WindowsUpdateClient