How to use the Group Policy Results Wizard

The ‘Group Policy Results Wizard’ is a great way to help troubleshoot any issues with Group Policy Objects (GPO). Here is how you run it on Windows Server 2008 R2.

  1. Open Server Manager and expand Features > Group Policy Management > Forest.
  2. Right-click on Group Policy Results and select Group Policy Results Wizard, then click Next:
  3. Select the required computer and click Next:
  4. Select a user account and click Next:
  5. Confirm your selections and click Next:
  6. The wizard will then gather the required data and you’re done:
  7. You will be given the opportunity to change the name of the report:
  8. The results can now be investigated by inspecting the Summary Tab:
  9. Settings Tab:
  10. and Policy Events Tab:

Using the ‘Group Policy Results Wizard’ should be the first task you complete when troubleshooting mischievous GPOs. I’ll post some other methods at a later date.