How to reset a client PC in WSUS


Have you ever changed the name of a computer, removed that computer from WSUS, then struggled to get the renamed computer to reappear in WSUS?

Here are a few commands that will help you get things working quickly.


  1. From the client PC, enter the following at the command prompt to force the PC to register with the WSUS server:
    wuauclt /r /reportnow
  2.  The client PC should now show up in WSUS, either under Unassigned Computers, or another computer group if you have used client-side targeting.
  3. Once the renamed client PC is in the correct computer group – with approved updates ready to install – you can force it to detect the updates by running this command:
    wuauclt /detectnow
  4. If the client PC is not appearing automatically in the right computer group – via client-side targeting – try this:
    wuauclt /resetauthorization /detectnow