How to configure the VMware vCenter Virtual Appliance

Previously I explained How to install the VMware vCenter Virtual Appliance. Today we’ll look at configuring the VMware vCenter Virtual Appliance.

  1. Launch your vSphere Client and start the VMware vCenter Virtual Appliance:
  2. The VM will get an IP address via DHCP by default:
  3. Open a browser and enter the IP address specified in previous step (eg., accepting the certificate warning.
    The default username and password is root and vmware, respectively:
  4. Click Accept EULA:
  5. Go to the vCenter Server > Database page, select embedded from the Database Type drop-down, then click Save Settings:
  6. You could go to the Network > Address page to configure a static IP address, but to also configure the hostname and DNS servers, you have to change the IPv6 Address Type to Static. As I don’t use IPv6, it won’t let me configure the hostname and DNS settings without a valid IPv6 IP. For this reason, I prefer to to this step later from the command line:
  7. Go to the System > Time Zone page to configure the time zone, then click Save Settings:
  8. Go to the vCenter Server > Status page, then click Start vCenter (this step may take a while):
  9. Now open the VCSA console window, arrow down once, then press Enter on Configure Network:
  10. Follow the wizard to make your network changes:
  11. Finally, you can login as you normally would using the VMware vSphere Client: